Aseptic Dressing Technique - Introduction

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The aim of dressing any wound is to produce conditions in which healing can take place.
Choice of a suitable dressing material is an important part of infection prevention and the
healing process.

Non-surgical wounds, such as pressure sores, require hygienic rather than aseptic technique.
Similarly, there is little point in using a full aseptic technique to dress a clean surgical wound,
when the patient has just taken a bath or shower. Sterile materials are required, but the
dressing technique can be greatly simplified.

Traumatic wounds, pressure sores and varicose ulcers may be heavily colonised by bacteria,
although not necessarily showing signs of infection. The patient therefore may be an
infection risk to others. An occlusive dressing material such as hydrocolloid should be
considered both to promote healing and to prevent contamination of the patient’s immediate

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