Aseptic Dressing Technique - Procedure

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Preparation of work area to be used

a) Close nearby windows
b) Pull curtains around bed
c) Restrict activities around bed, e.g. dusting or mopping floor.

Preparation of Patient

a) Explain procedure to patient
b) Assist patient into suitable position that is both comfortable for them and convenient for
the procedure.
c) Clear space around wound of any blankets, receptacles, etc.


To achieve aseptic technique use either a no-touch technique (e.g. use forceps) or use a
gloved technique using the basic dressing pack. There is no need to use both.
a) Take trolley to bedside.
b) Loosen dressing.
c) Decontaminate hands with alcohol based hand-rub.
d) Peel open dressing packet and empty contents onto top shelf.
e) Open sterile field by holding outer corners of paper sheet / wrapper.
f) If necessary pour cleansing fluid into plastic tray and add any supplementary items, e.g.
forceps or dressing.
g) Pick up yellow bag by corner.
h) Place hands into the bag by using this as a glove, collect the dirty dressing from the
i) Invert the bag with the dressing inside.
j) Remove backing tape from adhesive strip on yellow bag and then stick the bag to the
trolley – if not appropriate, a clip may be used.
k) Inspect wound, take laboratory swab / specimen if necessary.
l) Decontaminate hands with alcohol based hand rub.
m) Put gloves on with minimum touch, if wound needs aseptic attention.
n) If needed, gently cleanse the wound using non woven gauze swabs.
o) Any non disposable instruments used should be placed in the pulp tray on lower shelf.
p) Apply the dressing as prescribed.
q) Dispose of all used items into the waste bag. Seal the bag carefully.
r) Make the patient comfortable.
s) Remove trolley from bedside / treatment area.
t) Dispose of waste bag into yellow bin bag for incineration. Used instruments into dry,
covered container for HSSU. Both kept in dirty utility room.
u) Wash / decontaminate hands.
v) If infected waste has contaminated the trolley surfaces, wash with detergent and hot
water. Dry well.
w) Report and record condition of patient’s wound.

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