Survival tips for Hernia

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Hernia is defined as an abnormal protrusion of a viscus or a part of viscus through as opening , artificial or natural with a sac covering it.

Common hernias :

  • Inguinal hernia
  • Incisional hernia
  • Femoral hernia
  • Umbilical hernia

Causes :

  • coughing
  • obesity
  • straining
  • Intra-abominal malignancy


  • covering
  • sac - narrow in indirect hernia, wide in direct hernia( fundus,body , neck)
  • content

Hernia without neck- direct hernia, incisional hernia

Classification :

  • Reducible
  • Obstructive
  • Strangulated
  • Irreducible
  • Inflammed

used in irreducible or partially reduced hernia
trial reduction by flexing and medially rotating the hip

Different types of hernia -
  1. Gibbon's hernia- hernia with hydrocoele
  2. Berger's hernia - hernia in Pouch of Douglas
  3. Grynfelt/s hernia- Upper lumbar triangle hernia
  4. Petit's hernia - Lower lumbar triangle hernia
  5. Cloquet's hernia- hernia through pecteineal fascia
  6. Narath's hernia - behind femoral artery
  7. Hesselbach's hernia - lateral to femoral artery
  8. Serofini's hernia - behind femoral vessels
  9. Laugier's hernia - through lacunar ligament
  10. Tealse's hernia - in front of femoral vessels
  11. Richter's hernia - part of circumference of bowel wall is gangrenous
  12. Littre's hernia - hernia with Meckels's Diverticulum
  13. Sliding hernia - Posterior wall of sac is formed by colon or bladder
  14. Maydl's hernia - 'w' hernia
  15. Phantom hernia - Localised muscle buldge following muscular paralysis
  16. Spigelian hernia - through spegelian fascia
  17. Obturator hernia - through obturator foramen
  18. Femoral hernia - hernia medial to femoral vein
  19. Beclard's hernia - femoral hernia through saphenour opening

Use 5 fingers of hand to complete all test of hernia:

Thumb - for deep ring occlusion test
Index, middle and ring finger - Ziemanp's test
Little finger - for superficial ring invagination test

Rules for hernial examination:

Never forget to examing opposite site.
Never forget to do per rectal examination.
Never forget to examine urethra.
Never forget to check abdominal muscle tone.


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