Criteria For Intubation And Mechanical Ventilation

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Intubation only

(oxygenation and ventilation are adequate but the patient needs a secure airway)
Threatened airways obstruction;e.g., deep coma
Definite airways obstruction;e.g., laryngeal edema, tracheal tumor

Either indication must be based solely on the clinical examination, although arterial blood gas measurement is often helpful to assure that mechanical ventilation is not necessary.

Intubation and mechanical ventilation
(oxygenation and/or ventilation are not adequate)


*Impaired alveolar ventilation (as assessed by PaCO2) when accompanied by one or more of the following:
a. Depressed mental status
b. Increasing fatigue
c. Reduced PaO2 that cannot otherwise be corrected
d. Severely deranged pH that cannot otherwise be corrected
e. Compromise of upper airways (e.g., by secretions)

*Low PaO2 (e.g., less than 60 mm Hg): a. that cannot be improved with an FIO2 less than 0.50, and b. that is causing symptoms or seriously impairing bodily function

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