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-Can malignantly degenerate into chondrosarcoma

    1. Key clinical features.

      1. m/c primary benign tumor of the hand

      2. Can be Solitary or multiple (called Ollier’s Disease)

        1. Solitary enchondroma, is a benign tumor arising in the cartilage in the metaphysis as the physis goes away.

      3. Usually a painless incidental finding

      4. Most common complication is pathological fracture

    1. Key radiological features.

      1. The bone looks less dense do to cartilage tissue within the bone

      2. 40% will uptake Ca++, giving a speckled appearance- a round lesion with polka dots

    1. What is Ollier’s disease? (Multiple enchondromatosis)

      1. Enchondroma’s in multiple sites

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