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-Not to be confused with the congenital anomaly called Suprachondylar process.

-Also known as Coat-hanger exostosis

-Is a bony exostosis projecting from the external surface of a bone; usually has a cartilaginous cap.

    1. Key clinical features

      1. Occurs ~20 yoa

      2. Points away from the joint, there is no ligament

      3. Most are asymptomatic. M/c complaint is a painless mass around the joint

    1. Key radiological features

      1. 2 types of Osteochondroma:

        1. Sessile: On a broad, flat base and no stalk; common in the humerus and scapula.

        2. Pedunculated: On a long stalk, with a cauliflower top. Extending away from the joint.

      2. Coat-hanger exostosis represents the pedunculated.

      3. Has a continuous cortex until you reach the tip. Then it is cartilaginous

    1. Most common complication

      1. Aggressive biopsy

      2. Trauma or fractures then can become malignant.

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