12 Point Ultrasound

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1. Piezoelectric effect discovered in 1880 by Curie.

2. Submarines first used SONAR in 1916.

3. Introduced medically in 1960.

4. Utilizes “acoustic reflection” at tissue interfaces.

5. Using a probe the machine transmits high frequency sound pulses into tissue. Screen forms a 2D image of echoes.

6. Probe detects any reflected waves.

7. Distance from tissue to probe is calculated from these waves using the speed of sound in tissue (5,005 ft/second or 1,540m/s)

8. Sound waves cause particles to collide, compress and disperse.

9. Ultra sound transducer frequency = 1-20 MHz.

10. Audible sound range is 15 Hz – 20 MHz.

11. Increased frequency of sound waves will:

1. Improve resolution

2. Collimate and direct the beam

12. Higher frequencies are used for smaller objects (eye)

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