Metabolic acidosis

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    1. Characterized by low plasma bicarb and low pH

    2. can develop by

      1. addition of nonvolatile acid to the body (DKA)

        1. anion gap is way of approximating the total concentration of anions other than Cl and bicarb in plasma

          1. anion gap = [Na + K] – [Cl + HCO3]

          2. normally equals 16

          3. if K left out, norm = 12

          4. calculation of anion gap helps identify etiology of metabolic acidosis

      2. loss of nonvolatile alkali (diarrhea)

      3. failure of kidneys to excrete sufficient net acid (renal failure)

    3. buffering of H+ occurs in both ECF and ICF

    4. respiratory: hyperventilation

      1. cannot lower PCO2 below 10 cm H2O

    5. renal excretion of net acid

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