Mixed/Combined Acid Base disorders

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    1. Combined complex

      1. seen with normal compensation for a primary AB disorder

        1. Resp system will compensate for metabolic problem while renal will compensate for resp problem

    2. Combined simple

      1. Respiratory and metabolic component to the same disorder

      2. Describes a second AB disorder compounding first disturbance

        1. Acidosis gets worse:  H+ while CO2 and HCO3

          1. Examples

            1. respiratory failure with renal failure

            2. infant with IRDS

              1. can’t breathe: CO2

              2. not enough O2 so uses anaerobic metabolism and lactic acid causing metabolic acidosis

        2. Alkalosis gets worse:  H+ while CO2 and HCO3

          1. hyperventilating while vomiting

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