Processing Of X-Ray Film

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1. Steps:

1. Wetting allows chemical penetration, water is the solvent. (15 seconds)

2. Development pH is basic, no buffers, source of electrons, utilize gluteraldehyde as hardening material. (5 minutes)

3. Stop bath removes excess developer from emulsion, pH is acidic.

4. Fixing removes unexposed silver from emulsion, pH is acidic, utilizes buffers.

5. Washing removes excess developer and fixer, temp is about 5*F below the developer temp.

6. Drying removes water and preps film for viewing.

2. Automatic processor does all of this for you and takes much less time in doing so.

3. Emulsion fluids must be replaced every 30 days, unless you perform regular sensitometry.

4. Starter solution:

1. Bromine ions in solution to attenuate developer.

2. Added when chemicals are changed

3. Films will be grossly overprocessed without it.

5. Processing should be done between 88*-96*F for automatic processing, and 68*F for manual.

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