Rate of wound healing

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  • inflammatory process progresses for several days

  • granulation tissue formation starts within the first day, and this goes on for one or two weeks

  • then, the fibroblasts that have been generated in the granulation tissue can crawl over a matrix of fibrinogen and fibronectin, dragging wound edges together—this is wound contraction

  • wound contraction can pull something the size of a half dollar to something the size of a nickel or dime

  • all this time, collagen is accumulating to reestablish the tissue integrity of the scar

  • only 80% of the tensile strength of the normal tissue is regained by the end of wound healing, so this is an imperfect system

  • collagen accumulation is delayed by protein deficiency (which isn’t surprising); ultimate strength of collagen is decreased by vitamin C deficiency because vitamin C crosslinks collagen fibers

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