Inclusions in red blood cells

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  • Malaria parasites

  • Babesia sp. (sometimes not easy to differentiate from Plasmodium)

  • Bartonella bacteria

  • Superposition of a blood platelet on a red blood cell (the commonest source of mistakes)

  • Precipitations of dyes (artefacts)

  • Howell-Jolly nuclear residues (in asplenia, acute haemolysis or bleeding, bone marrow invasion, etc.)

  • Pappenheimer bodies: iron inclusions, in sideroblastic anaemia and post-splenectomy among other conditions

  • Basophilic granulation: RNA, prominent in thalassaemia, lead intoxication, antimitotics, megaloblastic anaemia

  • Reticulocytes: young red blood cells

  • Cabot rings: e.g. in megaloblastic anaemia

  • Heinz bodies: precipitated denatured haemoglobin (G6PD deficiency, unstable Hb)

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