Symptoms of arrhythmias

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  • symptoms are typically caused by atrial-ventricular dissociation or decreased cardiac output

    • palpitations

    • lightheadedness

    • fatigue

    • dyspnea

    • syncope

    • sudden death

  • cardiac output (CO) is the product of stroke volume (SV) and heart rate (HR)

  • bradycardias decrease CO by decreasing heart rate

  • tachycardias decrease CO by decreasing SV (suboptimal filling; increased HR cannot compensate)


  • in normal hearts, specialized conduction tissues possess the ability to depolarize spontaneously

  • intrinsic rates: fast upper, slow lower

    • SA node 60-100 bpm

    • AV node 40-60 bpm, which is almost able to sustain life

    • His-Purkinje system, ventricles <>

  • AV node and His-Purkinje are less reliable than the SA node and backup rate might be too slow to maintain normal CO

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