Giardiasis: History

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Giardia lamblia was described for the first time in 1681 by the founder of microscopy, the Dutchman Antony van Leeuwenhoek. [The microscope was invented by Zacharias Janssen, a Dutch spectacle maker]. The trophozoite was described in detail by Vilem Lambl and Alfred Giard in 1859. Subsequently Grassi described the cyst and its association with the trophozoite. In 1960 Karapetyan succeeded in culturing Giardia in-vitro using a complex medium of fibroblasts and Candida. In 1976 Meyer achieved the axenic culture (i.e. with no other micro-organisms) of human Giardia. Later the in-vitro excystation for starting cultures was achieved and in 1986 in-vitro encystation was achieved by Gillin. The whole cycle can thus now be maintained in the laboratory.

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