Glioma tumors

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  • Nonresponsive to chemo

  • Diffuse/fibrillary astrocytomas

    • These are more commonly seen (80% of adult primary brain tumors) and kill, not from metastasis, but from relentless growth (brain tumors need not metastasize to be considered malignant, as their presence is bad enough)

    • Usually in cerebral hemispheres

    • Diagnosis in late middle age after presentation with seizures and H/A

    • Have a tendency to progress to worse types (see a few bullets down)

    • Very infiltrative and blend right into brain tissue

    • Have a tendency to cross the midline and involve the white matter on both sides of the brain (“butterfly appearance”)

    • 3 types

      • Low-grade

        • Some nuclear atypia but no mitoses or vasculature

        • Least deadly of the 3

      • Anaplastic

        • See mitoses and increased cellularity

        • Can be classified as this if one mitotic figure is seen

      • Glioblastoma multiformes

        • Must see necrosis or vascular endothelial proliferation in the tumor

        • Bad prognosis – death usually within 6-7 months

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