Intracerebral (intraparenchymal) hemorrhage

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  • HTN vascular disease accounts for > ½ of intraparenchymal hemorrhages

  • Usually affects deep gray matter (like basal ganglia and thalamus)

  • Charcot-Brouchard microaneurysms: “leaky” microscopic outpouchings of vessels due to HTN

  • Lacunar infarcts

    • Cystic spaces in deep gray matter

    • The hypertensive blood vessel creates a space that gets left behind

  • Hypertensive encephalopathy

    • Associated with very high BP

    • See H/A, seizures, and confusion

  • Multi-infarct dementia

    • Multiple infarcts over time wipe out enough gray matter to wipe out cognitive abilities

    • Presents as a progressive dementia

  • Binswanger’s disease: dementia and white matter loss from multiple infarcts

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