Parasitic infections of the CNS

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  • Malaria

    • Vasculature prominent from congestion with malaria m/o

    • Looks like petechiae all over brain (from pigment in m/o from RBC ingestion)

  • Trypanosomiasis

  • Amoeba

    • Most infections are from Naeglaria species via direct infection (swim in amoeba-infested water, they enter the nose, and go to the frontal lobes through the cribiform plate); m/o look like foamy macrophages

    • Entamoeba histolytica can infect the brain by hematogenous spread from an infection elsewhere in the body (won’t be just in the frontal lobes)

  • Cysticercosis

    • From eating eggs of pork tapeworm

    • Infection can be in any organ (look for numerous small radiopaque lesions)

    • Have a cystic appearance because the m/o is rather cystic

  • Echinococcosis – mostly causes liver problems

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