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  • Clonal proliferation of multipotential stem cells; no block in maturation

  • Seen in people 25-60 YOA, slightly more in males

  • 15-20% of all cases of leukemia

  • Insidious onset and vague C/S

  • WBC often > 100,000/mm3

    • Circulating cells are mostly neutrophils and metamyelocytes, but less mature neutrophilic precursors may be present, including a small number of myeloblasts, and some nucleated RBCs (leukoerythroblastosis)

    • Since it is a stem cell disease, eosinophilia, basophilia, and thrombocytosis may be seen

  • Blast crisis

    • Accelerated phase with development of resistance to therapy, development of anemia and/or thrombocytopenia, acquisition of more chromosomal abnormalities, and may even begin to look like an acute leukemia

      • 70% of patients have leukemic blasts with myeloid features

      • Blasts in other 30% are lymphoid origin

    • Pretty much all treatments (save Gleevec) are worthless

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