Hydrocephalus – increased CSF volume with ventricular dilation

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  • Normal route of CSF: produced in lateral ventricles, flows to the 3rd ventricle, through the cerebral aqueduct to the 4th ventricle, out the foramina of Lushka and Magendi, reabsorbed by the arachnoid granulations

  • Non-communicating: obstruction within ventricular system (e.g., tumor)

  • Communicating

    • Not due to obstruction of ventricular system

    • Examples

      • With post-viral meningitis, the granulations may be come fibrotic and might not absorb CSF as well

      • Foramina of Lushka or Magendi may be obstructed if a meningitis becomes fibrotic

      • Tumor of choroid plexus that over-secretes CSF

  • Hydrocephalis ex vacuo: ventricular dilation due to cerebral atrophy

  • Anterior horns of the lateral ventricles will be blunted (should come to a sharp point)

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