Neural tube defects

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  • Anencephaly

    • 1-5/1000 live births

    • Forebrain (and skin and skull overlying it) is gone and replaced with area cerebrovasculosa (which is blood vessels and glial cells)

    • Posterior fossa spared

    • Preconception folate deficiency is important risk factor

  • Encephalocele: protrusion of occipital or posterior fossa through the back of the head; it’s usually covered by skin

  • Spina bifida

    • Most common NTD

    • Vertebral column fails to fuse, creating a defect

    • Meningocele is protrusion of just the dura

    • Meningomyelocele is protrusion of dura and spinal cord; associated with motor weakness, paralysis, and urinary incontinence

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