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Human pox viruses are all in the family Orthopoxviridae.

  • STRUCTURE: ds-DNA, linear, enveloped. Complex symmetry, i.e. no regular symmetry.

    • Lateral Bodies are on each side of the dumb-bell shaped capsid.

  • REPLICATION: Poxvirus has its own transcriptase, thus replication occurs exclusively in the cytoplasm.

    • Replication is carried out in small granules in cytoplasm. This is the same place from which the poxvirus gets its envelope.

  • VARIOLA MAJOR and MINOR: Causative agent of smallpox.

    • History: VACCINE

      • 1798, Jenner used cowpox virus to innoculate against smallpox.

      • Smallpox vaccination was stopped in 1972.

  • VACCINIA VIRUS: Attenuated vaccine strain, used in research.

  • COWPOX VIRUS: Produces self-limited localized infection in humans.

  • MONKEYPOX VIRUS: Not widespread or contagious like human smallpox.

  • MOLLUSCUM CONTAGIOSUM VIRUS: Wart-like slightly elevated lesions.

    • Histologically you see large cytoplasmic inclusions called Molluscum Bodies.

  • Psuedopox: Animal poxvirus transmitted from cows. Lesions are nodular and on fingers, and can ulcerate.

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