Priorities in combatting AIDS

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  • Prevention of sexual transmission, prevention of transmission via intravenous hard drug paraphernalia.

  • Safety of the blood bank

  • Decentralisation of the health services (a great deal of patient care will have to be given at home)

  • Prophylaxis of opportunistic infections (often not feasible in developing countries).

  • Treatment of opportunistic infections, if feasible as regards to logistics and financing.


A number of vaccines are now being tested in clinical trials. The search for an efficient AIDS-vaccine is a frustrating enterprise. One approach was to use a genetically engineered version of HIV's surface protein GP120. In 2003, the results of the first full-scale efficacy test (a 5000-person, 3-year trial by Vaxgen of California) were made public. The vaccine plainly failed. Nevertheless, hope has not been given up. A Canarypox/HIV vaccine is being planned.

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