Histology Review Part 1

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submandibular gland (or sublingual but not parotid)
  • ***Serous Demilune***

  • Be able to distinguish between mucous unit (lighter) and serous unit (darker)


  • simple squamous epithelium (parietal layer of Bowman’s capsule)

  • simple cuboidal epithelium (around the ducts)

skin (thin, not palmar or plantar)

  • stratified squamous keratinized (you must say keratinized or it will be wrong) epithelium

  • dense irregular connective tissue (dermis)

    • this is collagen type 1 (pink)

  • stratified cuboidal epithelium (around the sweat duct)

  • adipose tissue (looks like chicken wire)

  • sebaceous gland

    • cells with foamy appearance associated with a hair follicle and not found in thick palmar or plantar skin-no one has hairy palms-hopefully anyway)


  • stratified squamous non-keratinized epithelium (also found in the vagina) *remember to write non-keratinized or it will be wrong

  • loose aerolar connective tissue (underneath the epithelium)


  • simple columnar epithelium with goblet cells and brush border (you must write out that entire name or it will be wrong)

  • Paneth cells (this is another one that he always asks)

    • popular secondary question:what does it secrete?-lysozyme*

  • plasma cells (black dots in the loose areolar connective tissue)

    • part of the immune system and necessary because of the nasty stuff we eat especially in Dominica!

ileum (you can also use colon)

  • myenterric (Auerbach’s) plexus

    • parasympathetic plexus located between the two layers of smooth muscle and is found through the GI tract


  • simple columnar epithelium (also in gallbladder)

    • notice the lighter color staining because each cell is mucous secreting

    • therefore NO goblet cells or brush border

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