Viral haemorrhagic fevers

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The prototypical viral haemorrhagic fever is Yellow Fever. Other less well-known fevers are Omsk Haemorrhagic fever (Siberia, transmission via hard ticks and via contact with muskrats), Kyasanur Haemorrhagic fever (Karnataka, India) and Crimean-Congo Haemorrhagic Fever (transmitted by ticks, infected blood and nosocomially). Not all viral haemorrhagic fevers are however arboviruses. Various Arenaviruses (Lassa, Junin and Machupo) and Hantaviruses can lead to haemorrhagic fever, but are transmitted by rodents (“rodent-borne”) and other small mammals. Filoviruses cause severe bleeding, and are thought to be transmitted via infected monkeys / apes and via nosocomial transmission. Even haemorrhagic smallpox existed, but there the transmission was aerogenic. Haemorrhagic measles occurs occasionally, but this is usually not classified as a viral haemorrhagic fever.

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