Normovolaemic Haemodilution

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-performed either immediately before induction of anaesthesia or immediately after induction.

The suitability of the patient for this procedure must be established in advance.

The haemoglobin and haematocrit should be "normal"; eg Hb preferably above 12 g/100 ml.

The cardiovascular system must be such as to be able to compensate for the reduced oxygen carrying capacity.


2 IV cannulae in different sites eg arms - one large (eg 12G) to collect blood, the other usual size for fluids and drugs.

Bleed a pre-determined volume of blood (to h'crit not less than 27) into packs with anticoagulant, in the prescribed manner, label and number in order of taking.

Meanwhile replace volume with N/Saline or N/Saline and colloid.

Leave the collected blood on the anaesthesia trolley.

When blood loss is finished , or is minimal (ie at or near end of surgery) re-infuse blood, beginning with the last unit taken, so that the last blood to be re-infused is that taken first and therefore that with the highest haematocrit (given when no further significant blood loss expected).

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