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Causative organism: Chikungunya virus
Alternative names: Buggy Creek virus
  • Family: Togaviridae
  • Genus: Alphavirus
  1. A positive-sense, single-stranded RNA virus,Chikungunya virus is highly infective and disabling but is not transmissible between people.
  2. It would most likely be dispensed as an aerosol or by the release of infected mosquitos.
  3. The disabling joint pain and fever, the lack of a suitable animal reservoir in Western countries and its lack of lethality make it a very "clean" weapon that could be used against key civilian installations.
  4. The name comes from the Swahili for "that which bends up" that is a reference to the positions that victims take to relieve the joint pain.

Vector involvement: The disease is spread by culicine mosquitoes.

  • Detection of antigens or antibody to the agent in the blood (serology)
  • ELISA is available
  • An IgM capture ELISA is necessary to distinguish the disease from dengue fever.

Vaccination (Immunoprophylaxis): A vaccine is not available.

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