The medico-legal report of an unknown dead body must include the following

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Full description of the clothes and any articles connected with the body:

Medico-legal importance of clothes examination:

  • Contents of the pockets as the identity card or a letter.
  • Any articles as jewelry or newspaper.
  • Any tears or stains on the clothes, missing button.
  • The pattern of clothes may give clue for the job of the person, his socioeconomic state.
  • Clothes are examined for laundry marks, tailors label.

Description of the congenital features:

  • Complexion (color of the skin) if white, yellow, brown or black.
  • Shape of the mouth, nose, ear and slope of the forehead.
  • Shape of the eyes and color of the iris.
  • Color, form and distribution of the hair.
  • Description of the eyebrows, beard and moustache.
  • Full description of the teeth (including any fillings) or presence of a missing tooth.
  • - Photographs (full face and profile) and finger prints are taken to help for identification.

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