Acute lymphadenitis

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  • Lymphadenitis is inflammation of lymph nodes

    • See nodal enlargement with edema, follicular hyperplasia, and germinal center proliferation

    • The follicular centers show lots of mitotic figures (virgin B cells undergoing lymphoid transformation), “tingible body macrophages” containing cellular debris (seen in cells eating Ag to present to differentiating B cells), and maybe necrotic abscess formation (acute necrotizing lymphadenitis)

    • Neutrophils may be seen around the follicles and within the sinuses, especially with abscess formation

    • Affected nodes become tender due to capsular distension (nodes will feel squishy and there will be local hyperemia if the process is from infection…this is not true with CA)

    • Draining sinuses may form with fungal infections…these drain necrotic node debris out onto the skin

    • Causes

      • Commonly seen in nodes draining areas of bacterial infection

      • Foreign body reactions

      • IV drug users may have lymphadenopathy in the limb they inject into (foreign bodies?)

      • Mesenteric lymphadenitis (may mimic acute appendicitis; from Yersinia enteritis)

      • Generalized lymphadenopathy seen with viremia, septicemia

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