Aspirin is an anti-platelet drug, NOT a “blood thinner”.

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  • Anticoagulant- (Coumadin/ Warfarin) any agent that prevents, suppresses, delays or nullifies, either in vitro or in vivo, activation of the blood coagulation cascade
  • Antiplatelet drug- agent that acts selectively on the platelet to inh8ibit platelet aggregation and formation of a platelet thrombus (so-called white thrombus).
  • Antithrombotic drug- agent that prevents formation of an intravascular thrombus
  • Thrombus- aggregation of blood factors, predominantly platelets and fibrin, with entrapment of cellular elements causing vascular obstruction; often distinguished from simple coagulation or clot formation.
  • Embolism- sudden blocking of an artery by a blood clot or foreign material which arrives to its site of lodgment by blood flow (e.g., pulmonary embolism caused by formation of a clot in a distal vein, and brought to the pulmonary circulation resulting in obstruction of pulmonary vasculature).
  • Hemostatic agent- an agent that arrests the flow of blood; either through physiological properties such as vasoconstriction and coagulation or by mechanical means (pressure packs, sutures, etc.)
  • Hemorrhage- escape of blood from blood vessel. Petechiae= very small; Purpura= up to 1 cm; Ecchymoses= larger.
  • Hematoma- accumulation of blood within tissue.
  • Fibrinolytic- induces fibrinogenolysis, by enzyme action the dissolution or inactivation of fibrinogen in the blood (popularly known as “clot busters”)… used almost exclusively in hospitals

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