Blunt force injuries

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  • Lacerations: tear in skin with tissue bridging; may have abrasions at wound margins, ragged edges, and “undercutting” and “shelving

  • Abrasions: superficial scrapes or scratches involving only the outer layers of the skin

  • Contusions (bruises): bleeding into dermis (not epidermis), sub-q tissues, or in other organs secondary to tears in vessels

  • Definitions of head injuries involving hemorrhage

    • General

      • Contusion: small area of bleeding in a tissue

      • Hematoma: larger collection of blood

    • Scalpular: bleeding in the scalp

    • Subscalpular: bleeding between scalp and skull

    • Intracranial (nonspecific): bleeding anywhere inside of the skull

    • Epidural (extradural)

      • Bleeding between skull and dura mater

      • Usually associated with skull fracture

      • Occurs only following trauma

      • From arterial sources of blood

    • Subdural

      • Bleeding in the subdural space between the dura and arachnoid mater

      • May be seen with or without skull fracture

      • Usually a traumatic injury, but may be seen in natural disease

      • From venous sources of blood

    • Subarachnoid

      • Bleeding in the subarachnoid space, between the arachnoid and pia mater

      • May be seen with trauma or in natural disease

    • Intracerebral

      • Bleeding within the brain itself

      • May occur with trauma or natural disease

  • Brain contusions

    • Involve only the outer surface of the cortex (gray matter)

    • Coup contusion

      • Bruises on surface of brain on the same side as the point of impact

      • Associated with a blow to a stationary head with a moving object

    • Countre-coup contusion

      • Bruise on surface of brain opposite the side of impact

      • Associated with fall or fall-like mechanism (moving head hits stationary object)

  • Some auto stuff

    • The windshield is made of laminated glass and is designed to fracture but not fragment

    • Side windows are made of tempered glass and will fragment to produce dicing injuries

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