Diagnostic Techniques Viruses

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  • Direct Examination

    • Light Microscopy

    • Fluorescent Microscopy

      • Direct FA: Antigen plus patient's serum will produce antibody if patient's serum contains the appropriate specific antibody.

      • Indirect FA: Antigen + antibody + anti-antibodies. It is cheaper and more commonly used.

    • Electron Microscopy

      • Immune Electron Microscopy

    • Solid Phase Immunoassay: Most common method today

      • RIA

      • ELISA

    • Nucleic Acid Hybridization

  • Isolation and Identification

  • Serodiagnosis

    • RIA: Detection of antigen.

    • ELISA: Detection of antigen. Commonly done on HIV.

    • Neutralization Test: Mix known virus with patient's serum, and if the patient's serum contains antibodies then viral growth will be inhibited.

    • Hemagglutinin Test:

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