Flow Cytometry

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  • Applications of flow cytometry

    • Population analysis

      • Light scatter

        • Forward angle light scatter (FALS) is proportional to cell size

        • 90 light scatter is proportional to cell granularity and nuclear complexity

      • DNA analysis

        • Euploid = normal DNA content

          • Diploid (2n) is the number of chromosomes

          • If a tumor is euploid, it has a better prognosis (with the exception of ALL, which has a better prognosis if its multiploid)

        • Aneuploid = deviations from multiples of haploid number

        • S-phase: the percentage of cells in the process of increasing their DNA for mitosis (i.e., is an indicator of mitotic activity)

      • Cell markers

    • Cell sorting

  • CD = cluster of differentiation

    • CD4 = helper T cell

    • CD8 = TC

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