Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP)

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  • Abs are against platelet membrane glycoproteins; their binding encourages phagocytic destruction

  • Spleen is thought to make Abs and be place where the platelets are destroyed, but splenomegaly and lymphadeopathy are rarely seen

  • In the marrow, megakaryocytic hyperplasia is seen, and this is reflected in the blood by larger than normal platelets

  • Bleeding tendency and prolongation of bleeding time <> (platelet count usually < 5,000/mm3)

  • Acute: self-limited, abrupt onset in kids following viral infections (give steroids in severe cases)

  • Chronic

    • Thrombocytopenia there for > 6 months

    • Platelet-bound Ig (direct anti-platelet Ab) present in 90% of patients

    • Mostly seen in adults (mostly repro age women; babies born to a woman with ITP will be transiently thrombocytopenic)

    • May occur with another autoimmune d/o or lymphoproliferative syndrome (such as lymphocytic leukemias or lymphomas)

    • Treatment includes immunosuppression, plasmapheresis, and splenectomy if refractory

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