Increased ICP

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  • Pressure > 200mmH2O

  • Results in herniation (also H/A, confusion, and papilledema)

    • Subfalcine (cingulated) herniation

      • The falx is the midline between the frontal lobes, and the cingulated gyrus runs on either side of it

      • Can result in anterior cerebral artery infarct if cingulate gyrus herniates under falx

    • Transtentorial (uncal)

      • Medial aspect of temporal lobe herniates through tentorium cerebelli

      • Results in CNIII compression (eyeball paralysis on affected side), posterior cerebral artery infarction (this is the one that supplies the primary visual cortex), and midline midbrain/pontine hemorrhages (Duret hemorrhages)

    • Tonsillar

      • Cerebellar tonsils herniate through the foramen magnum

      • Results in compression of medulla and respiratory centers contained therein

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