Pathology of the CNS

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  • The brain has no lymphatic drainage, and when it scars its scars are glial, not fibrotic

  • Changes in neurons

    • Chromatolysis is a characteristic response in neurons after axonal injury; cell body swells up a bit and the nissl bodies disappear

    • Red neurons are dead (from ischemia)

    • Atrophy/degeneration – slow loss with glial reaction

    • Intranuclear/intracytoplasmic inclusions (especially after viral infections)

  • Changes in glial cells

    • Astrocytes

      • Gliosis: increase in astrocytes (size and number) in response to different injuries; very nonspecific

      • Alzheimer type II change: seen in hepatic encephalopathy

    • Oligodendrocytes: demyelination

    • Ependymal cells: ependymal granulations (from inflammation)

    • Microglia

      • Rod cells

      • Nodules (especially in response to viral infection)

      • Phagocytosis

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