Reactive changes in neutrophils, lymphocytes, and monocytes

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  • Neutrophils

    • Toxic granulations: coarse, purple cytoplasmic granules that are a sign of a bacterial infection

    • Toxic vacuolization: holes in the cytoplasm associated with bacterial sepsis

    • Dohle bodies: little blue lakes of dilated ER

    • All are associated with bacterial infection

  • Lymphocytestransformed variant/atypical lymphocytes

    • See a lot of lymphocytes, but they look different than those of a leukemia because the cells are heterogenous, not homogenous

    • Often associated with viral infection (e.g., EBV), but it’s really only a nonspecific reaction to antigenic stimulation as seen with drug hypersensitivity, TB, fungal infections, and stress

    • If platelets are normal suspect infection; if they’re low it may be a malignancy

  • Monocytes – cytoplasmic basophilia and vacuolization

    • Irregular nuclear contours and cytoplasmic vacuoles in a basophilic cytoplasm

    • Lots of cytoplasmic vacuoles

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