Polyarteritis nodosa (PAN)

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  • affects young adults

  • affects small- to medium-sized muscular arteries

  • unknown cause

  • most often involves renal, visceral vessels


  • contrast study of the kidney. some sort of obstruction is going on in the renal vasculature


  • there is fibrinoid transmural necrosis

    • fibrinoid = pink fibrin that is deposited

    • transmural = across the whole vessel

  • so the whole vessel is blocked off

Clinical course

  • findings are related to ischemia

    • malaise, fever, weight loss

    • renal artery involvement is common; it is one of the major causes of death

  • episodic

  • acute or chronic

  • can be clinically puzzling

  • treat with immune suppression—steroids and cyclophosphamide, a chemo agent that is pretty good at immunosuppression

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