Diarrhea and Flies

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Several species of flies live in close proximity to people and often eat organic waste and faeces as well as food intended for people. They lay eggs -often hundreds- on their food. When an adult fly feeds on infected material (on faeces for example), pathogens are taken in through the mouth and into the intestine. Pathogens can stick to the pads of the feet and on hairs of the legs and body. Later the insect can land on unprotected food. When walking over the food, the micro-organisms are deposited. Like all Diptera, flies eat liquid food. The fly vomits a little fluid to make the food liquid. This vomit can contain microbes from a previous meal. At the same time the fly defaecates the leftovers from a previous (infected) meal. Many pathogens causing enteritis can be transmitted in this way. Flies can also transmit trachoma, an infectious disease of the eye (Chlamydia trachomatis), which can cause blindness.

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