Diarrhoea: Prevention

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Most diarrhoea is transmitted by the faeco-oral route. The prevention of these infections will therefore depend on improved general hygiene, which is determined by the general level of poverty (standard of living). A few general tips and precautionary measures are recommended:

  • Food should be completely cooked/boiled.

  • Drinking water should be protected. This can be achieved in a village context (sand filters, protection of water-wells, etc). Water can be boiled and filtered, but boiling requires a lot of fuel, which is usually expensive.

  • Wash hands with soap.

  • Sanitary provisions: toilet and drinking water should be kept separate. Inexpensive, simple, build-it-your self, ventilated, odour-free, fly-free latrines that do not require any water can be made (the Blair latrine for example).

  • A rotavirus vaccine (Rotashield) was withdrawn from the market in 1999.

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