Tropical sprue

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Tropical sprue is an acquired disease of unknown origin. An infectious origin appears probable and the term "post-infectious malabsorption" is also used. Possibly there is an initial insult at the level of the jejunal-ileal enterocytes, followed by bacterial overgrowth with enterotoxic strains. The disease is characterised by abnormalities of the mucosa in the small intestine with chronic malabsorption, multiple nutritional deficiencies and anaemia. The malabsorption is generalised and affects absorption of proteins, fat, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins.

Tropical sprue occurs chiefly in the Caribbean, India, Nepal and Southeast Asia, in both the indigenous populations and immigrants. Cases have been reported from Mauritius, Fiji, southern Italy, Guyana and Central America. In Africa the disease is apparently very rare, although cases have been reported from Zimbabwe.

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