World Health Organization (WHO) clinical definition of AIDS in Africa

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AIDS in an adult is defined as the presence of at least 2 major criteria and at least 1 minor criterion (in the absence of any other cause of immunosuppression such as cancer, cytostatic therapy, prolonged steroid therapy or malnutrition). These criteria of course do not have 100% sensitivity and they are not 100% specific. They are only intended as guidelines. This definition should not be used by clinicians to declare the diagnosis without the result of a HIV-test. New definitions have been proposed since HIV-tests have become more available.


Weight loss > 10 % of earlier weight

Chronic diarrhoea > 1 month

Prolonged high temperature > 1 month (constant or intermittent)


Generalised pruritic papulous cutaneous rash

Generalised lymph node swelling

Persistent cough > 1 month (when no TB)

Chronic Candida infection in mouth/throat

Recurrent Herpes zoster

Chronic progressive and generalised Herpes simplex infection, resulting in painful genital ulcerations, not responding to antibiotics


The presence of disseminated Kaposi's sarcoma or cryptococcal meningitis is in itself sufficient for AIDS diagnosis.

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