B Cells and T Cells

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-Diverse Immunoglobulin gene deficiencies exist.

-complete deficiency in immunoglobulins X-Linked agammaglobulinemia. Absence of gamma-globulins

-specific Ig chain deficiencies, you will see a selective set of susceptibility to a certain set of microorganisms.

-X-linked-hyperimmunoglibulin M, an excess of IgM production. Seen mostly in males.

-Ig Sub-class deficiencies- remember the gamma globulins have 3 of 4 subclasses. It is clinically not difficult to recognize that a child who comes repeatedly for inner ear infection with the same microorganism, you should look into it being a selective Ig deficiency. Inner ear infection has proven to be a genetic susceptibility.

-T Cell and B cell numbers can be modified or impaired as a result of mutation. There will be a diverse set of phenotypes.

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-T-cell receptor signal transduction deficiency.

-failure in antigen presentation by the T cells Bear lymphocyte syndrome

-mutations in metabolic genes ie: Adenosine deaminase (imp enzyme in DNA metabolism) can have a consequence of impaired B-Cell function.

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