HIV - What can we analyse in cerebrospinal fluid?

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  • Direct investigation: amoebae, trypanosomes, filaria
  • Cell counts: type and number (nl < 3/mm3)
  • Biochemistry: protein content (nl 25-40 mg%), glycorrhachia (nl 40-90 mg%, nl 50-80% of the glycaemia)
  • Serology: Syphilis, intrathecal production of various antibodies (compare with titre in serum sample)
  • Antigen-detection: Cryptococcus
  • PCR: Mycobacteria, JC virus, herpes, toxoplasmosis
  • Stains: Gram, Indian ink, Ziehl
  • Culture: virus, bacteria, mycobacteria, fungi
  • Cytology: only in case of suspected carcinomatous meningitis
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